Maximize the Amount of Natural Light in Your Home!

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It is almost impossible to name all the benefits of the effects of natural light on the human body. Light is a source of invaluable vitamin D, a key ingredient for the growth of strong bones. It’s also a guarantee of a good night’s sleep, increased energy, productivity, and well-being. 

Unfortunately, according to statistics, the average American spends as much as 87% of his or her life indoors, thus risking daylight deficiency. The solution? Design a living space that receives as much natural light as possible!  

Together with DAKO, a European leader in the window and door joinery market, for which comfort and light are fundamental values, we invite you to read the following guide to creating a perfectly illuminated space. 

  1. Place mirrors in strategic locations 

This is excellent advice, especially for those not planning to renovate or build a new house. With a few mirrors, we are able not only to enlarge the space optically but also to increase its exposure to sunlight. Place the mirrors where the light falls and voila! Enjoy the effect of a second window. 

  1. Install large windows and glass doors 

This is by far the most effective option when it comes to increasing light in the home. DAKO offers numerous large windows in a variety of styles, as well as the award-winning DA-SkyLine series of sliding patio doors. Increased glazing surface of DA-SkyLine thanks to thinner frames and ultra-large windows allows for greater natural light access, especially in winter. It’s a guarantee of luxurious design and panoramic views with minimum obstructions. 

  1. Keep the walls white (or at least in a lighter color) 

Bright wall colors will reflect natural light instead of absorbing it. Go for white or bright earthy tones, which have become highly popular in recent seasons. You can also try a soft shade of yellow, which cleverly “tricks” our brains into giving the illusion of the warmth of the sun. 

  1. Throw away the heavy curtains 

If you want a bright space, it’s time to get rid of heavy curtains that overwhelm the space and effectively block the sun. Instead, choose delicate window blinds. You will find them, for instance, in the offer of DAKO products. Thanks to the blinds you can very effectively regulate the amount of daylight you want. The wealth of different color options, textures, and types of fabrics available for use in textile blinds make it easy to match them with your overall interior design. The most important thing is to keep it light!  

  1. Use reflective accessories and materials 

Metal surfaces reflect light perfectly. Accessories such as photo frames, vases, and lamps with metal, gold, or silver surfaces will look stylish and elegant and help illuminate the space. 


The appropriate amount of natural light in the home is essential for physical and mental well-being! If you don’t have the opportunity to do a major renovation, a few simple tricks can help you “light up” the space. Use mirrors, reflective materials and bet on light window blinds. However, the simplest and most effective way to ensure enough daylight is the right amount of glazing in the house – large windows or glass doors. And such you will surely find in DAKO’s offer. 

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