Don’t Miss The Design Bites Talk By Justin Bucy: “Latest Amenities”

The way we live and work has changed, drastically for many, in the past 3 years. Going forward, a community amenity needs to be more than a clubhouse with restrooms by the pool.

When deciding where to buy a home, buyers are looking for a community that can meet all of their new needs. 

•             They have pandemic pets. 

•             They need a space to work outside the house, but within their communities. 

•             Even as gyms have opened back up, many who worked out at home have chosen to continue to do so full or part-time. 

•             As the world opened back up, many found they craved more opportunities to meet and socialize with their neighbors.

At a minimum, today’s amenities need to accommodate all of these needs. We need to create flexibility and anticipate change.

A shift in lifestyle has called upon our industry to rapidly respond. Where do we start?

Justin Bucy

Architect at Housing Design Matters

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