Unlock the WOW! Statement Entry Doors

Welcoming buyers, friends and family into a new or existing home can automatically feel more inviting if their first step inside is through a stylish statement front door. Entry doors can reflect the personality and style of not only the design of the home but also of the owners. A carefully selected front door can place the personality of the home on display, and increase the home’s value when selling. Understanding a few basics can help designers, builders and homeowners select the perfect front door.   

Selecting a durable material for a front door is the first step in creating a lasting statement.  

Wood Entry Doors – Whether it’s oak, pine, bamboo, or teak, a solid wood door in good condition can helps with noise reduction, is easy to repaint, and will make a powerful welcoming statement.  

Fiberglass Entry Doors – Low maintenance, durable, and energy efficient, fiberglass doors are available in a myriad of colors and designs that will flatter many home styles. 

Steel Entry Doors – Also providing energy efficiency, low maintenance, durability and noise reduction, steel doors provide safety, are easily customizable, and can be cost effective.  

Iron Doors – Iron doors provide security, stay free of corrosion, will retain their shape as the weather changes, and offer an array of beautiful design options.  

Adding style to a basic door helps to define the personality of the home. 

Single vs. Double Doors – Single doors are space savers and cost-effective, but double doors take the win for ease of entry, a sense of welcoming, and grand style.  Single doors with sidelights can also garner high marks for creative entryways. 

Adding Light – Choosing a door with an oval, square, arched, or rectangle tempered glass inserts ensures extra light and added style.  

Maintaining Privacy – Frosted glass, stained glass and the many options of textured glass will welcome light into the house and will give the entry door a flair while still guarding the homeowner’s privacy. 

Decorative Elements – Choosing an arched door or adding rails or grilles to divide the window sections of the door panel can add instant style. A pivoting door makes a dramatic entranceway, while carved elements add a rustic charm. 

The finishing touches can help add modern, vintage, rustic or any other design choice to any front door. 

Hardware – Hardware, including the knob, handle, latch, deadbolt, mortise plate and door knocker come in a variety of metals like brass, aluminum, steel and chrome and in a mixture of finishes that will match and complement each piece and dress up any front door. 

Door surface – The finishes and color choices for the entry door can individualize a home, providing an insight into the house style and allowings viewers to create an instant first impression. 

The front of a home makes a clear statement about a home’s personality, style, and curb appeal.  A carefully chosen and stylish front door can set up any home for success. 

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