Resort Style Spa: Bathrooms

Luxury bathrooms can make living at home feel like a vacation. Investing in a bathroom retreat by upgrading baths and showers, lighting, and mirrors can bring out the resort style in any home. 

Bathtubs and Showers

New and modern bathtubs and showers can make all the difference when designing a well-appointed bathroom. Deep free-standing tubs are available in a variety of materials and allow for a clean and more open look. Certain bathtubs can provide a focal point, bringing attention to the dramatic yet relaxing feel of the space. Walk-in showers also can be designed with a variety of finishes and when paired with an interesting hardware choice like a showerhead with multiple heads, it too can bring the feel of a spa. Options like overhead, waterfall, or handheld showerheads can deliver the relaxing experience that showers can bring. Having a glass door instead of curtains when choosing a shower design can also help to tie the bathroom spa together. 

Counter and Storage Space

Resort bathrooms often provide guests with a generous amount of counter and storage space. Having enough space to put necessary toiletries or beauty supplies is essential, as is keeping other bathroom necessities out of sight. Using natural materials for the vanity and cabinets, like wood or bamboo, can add to the serenity, as the cleanliness and visual space can make the bathroom feel open and clean, just like a spa.

Mirrors and Lighting

Strategic window and light placement in a bathroom will help with the spa feel. Bright overhead lights can accentuate the features in any bathroom. Task lighting such as bar vanity lights or wall sconces will help with daily upkeep. Accent lighting, such as pendants and chandeliers can make the space fit in with current trends and complete the resort look. Installing dimmers will also enable users to set a relaxing mood for a much-needed evening soak. Adding different kinds of mirrors, whether small or full length, can be a good way to mix up the design. Careful selection of plumbing fixtures and finishes in a bathroom can turn these utilitarian rooms into a daily visit to a personal retreat.

Turning a bathroom into a resort style vacation can be easy with the addition of these spa-like design features.

By Kiera Gulley

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