A Dip in the Pool

Adding a pool to an outdoor landscape design can make for a fun summer activity for families and can also increase the value of a home. Creating special spaces and water featurescan build memories that will last a lifetime and benefit homeowners in the long run when it comes time to sell the home.

Backyard splash

Backyard pools can make one of the most desirable summer activities simple and quick. Hot weather often calls for a good splash in cool water and when that cool water is nearby, it is likely to be used more often. There are many options to consider when choosing the perfect pool to fit any given budget, location, and use.

Types of Pools

Concrete pools are one of the most popular types of in-ground pools. Homeowners might choose this option due to its durability and longevity – the two  features that are arguably the most important to look for when thinking about installing a pool. Concrete pools have a very long lifespan and with proper maintenance can be used for decades. 

Another type of pool that many homeowners appreciate is a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass pools typically require very little maintenance. Fiberglass requires less upkeep and uses less chemicals in the water than concrete pools. This type of pool has a smooth gelcoat surface which leaves no room for pores where algae and other bacteria can grow in, reducing the use of chemicals and resurfacing.

Another in-ground pool option is one with a vinyl liner. Vinyl lined pools are less expensive than concrete and fiberglass pools, which makes them a good choice  for those on tight budgets. Another positive thing about vinyl lined pools is that they can be installed quickly, so fun summer activities can begin fast. While it may require more maintenance than the other pool selections, vinyl lined pools come in many styles, so they are very adaptable to most homeowners’ needs.

Other interesting options include above-ground and semi-inground pools. These pools may not win any design competitions, but they deliver other benefits in that they tend to be budget friendly and allow homeowners to assemble their own pool without having to worry about permanently changing the layout of the yard (if choosing a semi-inground option). Building a deck around an above-ground pool can also create an in-ground pool design, making these options extremely flexible. 

Style of Pools

For some, pool aesthetics can be extremely important, as the design of a pool can make all the difference for certain homeowners and buyers. An appealing design can add value to a home and a thoughtful design that takes into consideration both the adults and the children who may use it helps to ensure that all have a positive experience. There are different ways to style any kind of pool. There are traditional rectangular, or circular pools, but many choose a freeform pool, which allows the flexibility to create the shape of the pool around the layout and design of the yard. 

Another type of pool that is very appealing to consumers and comes with an expensive price tag is the infinity pool. This type of pool has an edge where the water flows over that overlooks a distant view like a body of water, open land, or a city. 

Pool Water

After choosing the type, shape, and layout of the pool, there are also different options for water. The most common type of pool water is chlorine water, which is the simplest and most sanitary. Another option is saltwater. Saltwater does not contain the chemicals found in chlorine, so may be more suitable for some, as it has just a hint of salty taste, low maintenance, and delivers a great swim. Saltwater pools, however, are usually a little pricier than the chlorine alternative. There are also a growing number of alternatives that use no chemicals, such as a Living Pool. 

A pool can provide a focal point and gathering place for an activity that can be both fun and relaxing all summer long. Taking into consideration the type and style along with how it can be designed to work with the landscape  can help homeowners find the pool that best fits their needs.

By Kiera Gulley

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