4 Most Desirable Community Amenities

In community design, it is important to think about impactful amenities.  Having a place to relax, exercise, or get together is key for community design. Here are four of the most desirable community amenities.

1.Green Spaces

Parks and open land are important for communities. Green spaces can include paths for individuals to walk and bike, or natural/unpaved trail systems for walking, jogging, or hiking. Trees, shrubs, and flowers provide beauty, benches and tables give opportunities to rest and picnic, and play areas give children a chance to have fun outdoors.

2. Exercise areas

Having an exercise area near to home can help with the overall health of a community. Indoor gyms with proper equipment and space for mat exercise, provide a needed outlet for working adults. Outdoor exercise areas like basketball hoops, tennis and pickleball courts can attract many people and have a positive outcome.

3. Social areas 

Well thought-out social areas in a community are a huge draw.  This may include pools (indoor or outdoor), outdoor public barbecue spaces with places to eat, game areas for lawn bowling, ping-pong and chess tables, or even village centers with places to shop or eat. Having a place for people to gather and socialize makes a huge difference in community design. It can give a reason for people to be out and enjoy the space around them while bringing people together.

4. Easy Living

Well-kept wide streets and sidewalks, adequate lights and signs, crosswalks, speed bumps, a community name with a sign, beautiful landscaping, easily access mailboxes and package drop-off areas, trash areas, nearby schools and shopping, all provide convenient living for todays’ homeowners. 

When considering community housing, think about these popular amenities to take the design from good, to spectacular and extremely desirable.

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