Multifamily Spotlight: 65 Cricket Avenue

Located in the historic district of Ardmore, Cricket Flats is an infill project that repairs the urban fabric of Cricket Avenue. Comprised of 10,000 sf of commercial space, 77 luxury apartments, and 99 in-building parking spaces, Cricket Flats has dramatically enhanced the streetscape by embracing the historic vernacular in a thoughtful and progressive manner.

Once a parking lot and auto repair facility, the development now completes a pleasant, walkable street edge, while providing additional housing, retail, and a restaurant to the surrounding neighborhoods. The focus of the design process was creating a building oriented toward improving the pedestrian experience, while drawing inspiration from the neighboring community context through the use of color, scale, texture, and detail.

The building has an articulated base with a step back at the fourth level, better addressing the street’s scale without dwarfing pedestrians or neighbors. The middle floors are punctuated with bay windows, drawing directly from the historical surroundings. The project achieved its goal of open and inviting ground-floor spaces with no hidden corners by creating a pedestrian alley that promotes easy travel and serves as a connection between the indoors and outdoors.

Architect/Designer | BartonPartners Architects Planners Inc
Builder | How General Contractors
Developer | Core Development
Land Planner | BartonPartners Architects Planners Inc
Interior Designer | DAS
Marketing Firm | Cohere
Photographer | Jonathan Arena Photography

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