BALA Monogram Appliance Giveaway is Back!

The exclusive sponsor of the BALA awards, Monogram, is launching an appliance giveaway! 


This giveaway is only open to BALA applicants who enter the Remodeling and Interior Design kitchen categories. 


All kitchen applicants (new and remodel) that incorporate a minimum of 50% Monogram Appliances in the completed (built) kitchen are eligible for entry to the Monogram Appliance Giveaway. One winner will be selected by the Monogram Appliances judge. Judging occurs separately from the BALA standard kitchen category winner selections (platinum, gold, silver, or a mix thereof) and will not be influenced by whether entrants complete the Monogram Appliance Giveaway questions. The Monogram Appliance Winner will receive $10,000 towards Monogram product for use in a future project

Install Monogram Appliances to take advantage of this giveaway and secure your chance to win! To ensure your project is considered, be sure to answer “yes”, when asked “Did this project incorporate Monogram Appliances?” on your application.

Don’t miss out – enter today!

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