Yes, Dark Kitchens are Back in Trend!

Kitchens are now more trendy in a dark style. Yet, with every trend comes its challenges.

Some homeowners might think that black kitchens won’t look good in their homes, especially in smaller spaces. However, there are many perks that a dark kitchen could provide in a space.

Dark colors are chic, elegant, and they bring a sophisticated feel to your space. So, whether they are combined with neutral colors for contrast, or with a monochromatic scheme, both will bring an edge to your kitchen design.

For smaller kitchens, as long as they are paired with a good source of natural light, it will balance out.  

There are many pros for a a dark kitchen palette:

  • Creating less shadows giving a sharp look to your space
  • Creating an inviting, cozier space
  • Stains will not be visible
  • Ageless colors that is here to stay, especially if you go with black

Whether dark colors are used in cabinets, fixtures, flooring, walls, or through kitchen appliances, it can bring a feel of elegance to any kitchen design.

Below are some inspirations for a dark kitchen design:

By Sherin Sameh

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