Van Life

Many people might wonder what life is like on the road. From what it seems, it’s a wild ride. The rising housing prices have pushed for finding new means of living. Van living can create an opportunity for individuals or families to have housing that is affordable and can be easily moved. Those who want to live life on the more adventurous side may be interested in learning about van life. 

What is Van Life? 

Individuals who are tired of being told how to live their life by what society considers “normal” resort to starting a new life living on the road. Those who choose to be a part of the van life movement find peace, freedom, and adventure in their journey. They take everything they need with them and live out of a vehicle by sleeping, eating, and spending most of their time on the move. Individuals who follow this lifestyle will sometimes build in a toilet and shower, but most have to compromise with using public bathrooms which can be a little tricky.  

How to Turn a Van into Your Home

After setting a budget and purchasing a large van, removing the seats and other equipment that may be in the way, the renovation begins. This is where the time comes to decide on how to design the interior. The design and style of the van must realistically fit the life one leads. This means figuring out a space according to the number of people that will use it, considering pets, and the activities wanted to take part in. Making sure there is enough storage for the essentials is crucial in small spaces like this. Areas for storage can be hidden with common furniture pieces, like inside a bench or a bed that opens up to a space underneath. There must be enough space for at least a place to sleep and eat.

Interior view of a van being converted into a caravan. A wooden bed frame and other components already installed.

Pros of Van Life

Some benefits of van life include cutting down on expenses, traveling the world, and focusing on what truly matters in life. When all belongings are condensed down to being held in a small space like a van, it allows for individuals to focus on what really matters to them. Donating old items that haven’t been used in a while gives it a new purpose in someone else’s life. Having only certain items may make everything feel a lot lighter. Another great thing about van life is the ability to travel the world while having everything needed. When living in a van, anyone can live anywhere. The freedom of being able to get up and go wherever, whenever, is something that a lot of people crave. 

Cons of Van Life

While it may be fun, van life sure isn’t easy. A few things that individuals may have trouble with when living this lifestyle is mechanical issues, parking, and bathrooms. Depending on a vehicle comes with problems of its own, as it may not always be reliable. Issues with common car troubles don’t go away when living in a van. If anything, it would increase. Having the vehicle running for long periods of time without driving, keeping the lights on, or even just trucking heavy weight can cause mechanical issues that may be difficult to deal with (especially with older vans). Another issue that many run into is parking. When living life on the road, parking anywhere usually isn’t an option. Majority park their vehicle at trailer parks or other campgrounds around where they want to stay. Most campgrounds charge per night, but there may be some options (like truck stops) around that are free. One of the bigger issues with living on the road is bathrooms. While you may be able to find another way to use the bathroom, taking showers are more difficult to do. Most people find themselves in public bathrooms or rest stops to take showers. All of these problems that may occur while living the van life may cause inconvenience, but could easily be overlooked, if you simply design your space to include a small bathroom.  

Overlooking at Whangaparaoa Peninsula, Auckland region, New Zealand.

Narrow Clean and Modern Camper Van Class B RV Bathroom with Toilet, Sink and Shower. Elegant Modern Interior Design.

Now that it is summer, having the ability to travel to different places while having the necessities can make for a great vacation and lots of fun memories. Living life on the road is a great way to explore the wild side. Considering the pros and cons of living this lifestyle is important before deciding to move in this direction. Many choose to live the van life for the freedom and adventure it allows. They lead their own life, following their own rules, and this we must salute them for. 

By Kiera Gulley

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