Get Inspired for a Treehouse Summer Project

Summer is finally here, and it is time to have fun as a family. What is more fun than a treehouse project to work on this summer? This project will bring back so many happy childhood memories!

Treehouses come in a variety of designs. The most important things to get started is to consider the placement of the treehouse on your site, views, material selection, number of users, and space planning.

Whether you are creating a treehouse for children or adults, there are so many ideas to create the perfect one for each family. It can definitely be a great addition to any home, and can be the spotlight in the neighborhood.

Here are a few recommendations for the planning process:

Special Considerations

  • Picking the right tree. The best way to find the right one is by avoiding the trees that bloom with fruits or nuts. It is also recommended to pick a healthy solid tree. Some examples of good trees are Silver Maple, English Oak, Hedge Maple, Box Elder, or any other solid tree option available.
  • Using the right materials. This will guarantee durability and safety for users. Whether it’s wood, aluminum, steel, etc., it will depend on the use, budget, and the appropriateness of each site.
  • Choosing the right placement. It is important to consider where the house will be placed on the tree, making sure which branches can hold up the weight. It is even possible to place it between more than one tree, which creates more density and helps support the weight between their tangled branches.     
  • Sunlight. Make sure that treehouses are placed in a spot that will not block the sunlight from other plants.
  • Structures. It is important to keep the placement away from water features or other unsafe structures surrounding the house.

Design Ideas for your Treehouse Project:

Bird House Design

Bird lovers may enjoy a quick project of creating a tree house for birds. This is a small project, easier to handle, and is fun, especially if bird watching is a main hobby.  

Wrapped Around a Tree Trunk

One idea is to use the trunk of the tree as the main element of support for a house and create it so that is wrapped around the trunk for adequate support.

House Wrapped Around a Tree Trunk

Suspended Between Two Trees

Placing the treehouse between two trees, which gives it more support. Creating a platform between the two tree trunks can make the base of the house more solid and safer for users.

House suspended between Two Trees

Suspended on Tree Branches

Choosing this option is tricky. It is incredibly important to make sure that the tree is strong enough and that the branches are creating enough support. Another way to get the extra support potentially needed is to place the treehouse in between the branches of two tangled trees, much like the option above.

House Suspended on Tree Branches, at Sukhothai Province , Thailand

On the Ground or Stilts

Whether the house is placed on the floor for guaranteed support or use stilts that create an imaginary tree trunk-like feeling, this option guarantees the safety and support for any design (especially if strong trees are not common around the nearest site). Placing it on the floor and raising it above the ground will also help create a solid base (in this case for a more stable tree house-like design).

Treehouse Standing on the Ground

So, whichever option is chosen, it is essential to create a design choice that may provide a good addition to any home, and one that will last for years to come.

By Sherin Sameh

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