Home of the Week: Moreno Residence

The owners of this home were drawn to different architectural styles: One liked the aesthetic of the old brick homes found in England and the other was attracted to contemporary architecture. The design team’s solution was to create a hybrid home that blends the ideas and layers the elements of the two styles to create a harmonious fusion. The brick and black steel in the exterior, inspired by the old English brick homes, are complemented by contemporary elements incorporating brushed stainless finish and modern floating walls with metallic painted veneer over Marmorino Italian plaster.

Breaking away from the typical architecture of the old English homes with distinctive dark interiors, this project introduces layers of contemporary features that are more suitable for the lifestyle of a modern family. The home has no hallways; instead, all main spaces open to a central two-story atrium. A skylight runs along the entire length of the foyer, flooding the space with light. The brick and steel elements from the exterior are also used in the interior, complemented by smooth walls, light coves, wood paneling, and modern detailing, which create a unique cohesive design inside and out.

Architect/Designer | Landry Design Group, Inc.
Builder | Gordon Gibson Construction
Land Planner | Landry Design Group, Inc.
Landscape Architect/Designer | Landry Design Group, Inc.
Interior Designer | Landry Design Group, Inc.
Photographer | Manolo Langis

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