Bringing Nature Indoors

By Kiera Gulley

The best way to transform your workspace is by incorporating Biophilic Design. Biophilia directly translates to “love of life”, which says enough about the importance of including this in your home office.  


  1. Reconnect With Nature 

During these times when many still work from home, it can feel like being stuck inside all day.  The smallest changes can make the biggest differences in your space.  

How to Incorporate Nature 

  • Add plants. Benefits can flow from small additions like succulents that don’t need much attention, or a larger plant that will give you another task to look forward to.  
  • Add water features. The site or even sound of moving water is something that our bodies naturally react to. A small diffuser or especially a tabletop waterfall/fountain can make a huge difference. Because they come in many sizes and and can be made from glass, stone, ceramic, etc., finding a shape and color that you find appealing and fits your space should not be difficult.
  • Use natural light. If possible, have your home office in a place where there is a lot of natural light. The use of natural resources in your space will immediately have a positive impact on not only mental and physical health, but the performance of work as well. 
  1. Improve Mental Health 

The impact biophilia has on mental health is very strong. Having greenery in your office creates a positive atmosphere. 

How it Helps 

  • Lifts mood. Natural elements enhance your energy and happiness levels just by having them in your space. 
  • Calms. Being stressed while working is very common. Plant life naturally lessens anxiety levels and can help with feeling secure and stable.  
  1. Enhance Physical health 

The properties that biophilia brings to the table are beneficial for your physical health as well! 


  • Improves Air Quality. Living plants help improve the air you breathe because of the properties they have to absorb pollutants and other airborne toxins.  
  • Increases Air Moisture. Greenery also allows for the water to go back into the air and keep it from being dry. This can help with sensitivity to the nose and throat, and also allergies.  

Biophilic design in home offices can help you reconnect with nature and in doing so, can improve mental and physical health. Use this list of benefits to inspire you to transform your office into a healthier and happier space.  

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