2022 Kitchen Design Trends

Kitchen Design Trends of 2022 have certainly evolved in the past few yearsClients and designers are clamoring for more color, daring solutions, personality, and fun. Some of the trends below may surprise you and others have been in the works for a couple of years. With the advent of Interior Design shows that are available in real-time for inspiration, trends are changing faster than ever before. Look closely and see how many of these trends you would want to embrace.

Prioritizing Color is on trend! Most new clients are not asking for white cabinets. Instead, they want bolder hues, dramatic stone veining, and backsplashes with radiant thoughtful detailing. Matte and gloss finishes of similar tones incorporated together are getting noticedShelving material inside a cabinet can be a different color than the outside finish of the cabinetry. Colorful materials are abundant.

Clients want a livelier, happier placePops of color, like vivid yellow or Tuscan burnt umber, add a depth of feeling and set off richer, deeper shadesPaint hues used in unexpected ways are fun, fashionable, and daringPopular “Color of the Year” green paint, from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams gets highlightedNot only natural warm greens, but also deeper gemstone colors like emerald green and darker tones, like Hunter green are gaining traction

Darker woods add high drama to a luxury space. Darker finishes are daring and dramaticThere is an opportunity for specialty lighting which presents stimulating layouts. Adding highlights and lowlights display even more eye-catching focal points. 

A new trend is emerging… closed-off kitchens that are just as joyfulPeople wanting to separate culinary creativity from homework, watching TV, and the noisy home officeThe kitchen is the ultimate escape by turning it into a sanctuary spacePicture a kitchen with glass sliding doors that can be pulled closed or slid open. The light filtering glass doors can be clear or frosted so that the cook can interact with others when it pleases them or disappear to have a few quiet moments.

Incorporate a vintage specialty piece among your cabinetriesThe specialty pieces could be an antique, a mid-century modern storage unit, or a custom designed signature item. Consider a pantry or baker’s cabinet with a surprising twist, by using unique materials, tones, or hidden storage options.

Mirrors highlighted in kitchen designs are excitingMirrors are light reflecting, glamour enhancing, textural and bright. Mirrors give a unique vibe to the spaceAdding mirrored panels to cabinetry also improves light distribution in the kitchen.

Mixing materials for a more design-oriented cook space adds variety. Design juxtapositions with burnished brass accents, light or dark wood tones, leather seating, and botanical accents are visually stimulatingAlso, natural stone counters with waves of color and movement add visual interest.    Blending these items together takes much thought and professional talent, but the result is usually spectacular.

Attention to Cabinetry is important. More cabinet material options, glamorous stone, plaster, concrete, and metals add variety and interestSleek furniture looking cabinetry, and panels on refrigerators and dishwashers, give fewer industrial sensations. These fashion-forward rooms pair well with the other sophisticated spaces. 

Intricate stone details abound. Fluted countertop edges with matching cabinet countertop pulls and show stopping stone patterns will grab attentionNeutral Minimalist stone style may need a layered look for a harmonious, but captivating identityIntegrated stone and marble sinks add an additional layer of luxury.

Spaces that reflect the environmental aesthetic soothe us. Texture and warmth are the necessary catch phrases. Displaying heirloom pieces, glazed glass, or wired cabinetry reveals a peek at what is inside. These options add character and personality. 

Consider bringing the outside inside. A gas fireplace, that is exposed on several sides adds visual interest and warmth. Adding water elements which contributes to white noise and switches on and off, creates atmosphere. Bringing in a plant component that climbs a wall or resides on a half wall can be functional and artistic.

To sum up current kitchen trends, they are lively, fun-filled, and highlight tons of character. Your home is your palace, so let it reflect you with personality and daring. Juxtapositions of materials and less restrictions on style make for interesting designs. Utilizing a professional can help you navigate these new on-trend styles.

Bring out your inner designer with plenty of kitchen style. Let the space reflect you, only more!

Feature article by Julie A. Priddy, CMKBD, ASID, NCIDQ, President, Accolades, Inc, Remodeling Firm, Germantown, MD, and President of the Baltimore-Washington Chapter of National Kitchen and Bath Association.

Julie A. Priddy has degrees in:  BS, Interior Design, and BS, Construction Management, & BA, Computer Science. Montgomery College Adjunct Professor teaching Interior, Kitchen + Bath Design classes. Runs a published and award-winning Interior Design firm, Accolades, Inc., the past 20+ years. Current President of local NKBA chapter, Certified Master Designer with NKBA, Professional ASID, and NCIDQ certified. jp@accoladesinteriors.com 

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