The Latest Bathroom Design Trends Add Warmth and Style to the Bathroom


2022 is a promising year for bathroom design. The top trends are bringing back personal touches, warmth and a feeling that’s less cold and utilitarian. The bathroom of 2022 and beyond is a relaxing space with personality that ties in with the rest of the home’s design.

Here are five of the top bathroom design trends new for 2022 and bound to make it to the classic bathroom style list.

1. Wood Elements

There is nothing warmer and more organic than natural wood. Especially to tone down the harsh effect of too much porcelain and tile. But homeowners and designers have avoided wood in a bathroom design for years out of maintenance fears. But there are many new advancements in protective finishes that make wood both a beautiful and practical choice for a bathroom.

Wood is being featured more commonly for flooring, shelving and bathroom countertops. An upcoming bathroom wood trend is the use of duckboard flooring; slatted wood pieces you often see in saunas and boats. Timber duckboard flooring is a durable, boat building technique using wood that makes a great bathroom floor surface that your feet will appreciate standing on.

2. Home Ambiance

A big trend for 2022 is less focus on bathroom function and more on incorporating the bathroom as part of the rest of the home. Gorgeous lighting fixtures that could work over a dining table or in a bedroom with the ability to dim for relaxation is big. Custom furniture-like cabinetry and accessories that would work in nearly any room like stools, throw pillows, armchairs, coat racks, and rugs are some ways to add the trend to a bathroom.

3. Bigger and Better Tile

Mosaic glass and subway tiles have been hugely popular over the past few years but designers are looking for fresh, new ways to add tile to a bathroom. Larger tiles are the answer. The large-format tiles look is already big in Europe. They have fewer grout lines to deal with and the larger scale adds to the impression of a bigger bathroom. Stylish, space-enlarging and easier to clean? Who wouldn’t love this trend?

Scandinavian bathroom, classic vintage interior design. 3D rendering.. Sunset.

4. Handmade

Mass-produced, flawlessly finished elements are a thing of the past. Designers look to imperfections, artisanry and hand-hewn finishes to modernize a bathroom for 2022 and beyond. Consider:

.   Hand-crafted bathroom tiles
.   Hand-forged hardware
.   Recycled wood plank flooring

These handmade-inspired elements are a good start to adding some warmth and a personal touch to a bathroom.

5. Take Two

Double as many elements in a bathroom as you can to wow prospective home buyers and add convenience. The double sink has been popular for years, but for 2022, double showers are big. Another emerging trend is a single shower space with his and hers fixtures on either end.

Current bathroom design trends all have one important takeaway. It’s time to stop seeing the bathroom as a place of simple function and start enjoying it as your own personal spa or room for relaxation that flows beautifully with the rest of your home.

A large, luxury double shower with marble subway tile walls, marble hexagon floor, and black hexagon tiled shelf.

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