Inspiration on the Drawing Board: Cloud House

Elevated forms and angles used in midcentury design, as well as the Bauhaus movement, define the architecture and interiors of this five-story building, with vertical elements taking the foreground, lifting the structure skyward. Verticality and the spirit of ascent are celebrated throughout, in the repetition of framed vertical building masses, fins, and trim elements, columns, selection of windows and fenestration patterns, and application of tile and siding.

Poised to be the largest aerial playground within Orange County, an audacious 17,500 sf sky deck crowns the complex, offering a carefree urban getaway without leaving home. Vibrant spaces are outfitted for al fresco entertaining, evening fireside cocktails, poolside movie nights, and relaxation. Terraced staircases offer premium views of the pool and jumbo movie screen, plus casual, yet intimate seating.

Amenities are woven throughout, including indoor-outdoor double-volume community spaces, dog park, and green courtyard oases.

Architect/Designer | AO
Builder | Johnstone Moyer, Inc.
Developer | Bonanni Development
Landscape Architect/Designer | MJS Landscape
Interior Designer | H. Hendy Associates

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