Remodel of the Week: Jenschke Sunday Haus

The owner wanted to renovate the diamond-in-the-rough Sunday Haus she had recently purchased. Extensive care was taken to maintain the ambiance of the old homestead while updating the structure to become a bed and breakfast. Located within the city’s historic district, the home was designed to complement the neighborhood and conform to strict city and historic guidelines. 

The design team restored the structure to a livable space by restoring and adding on a bedroom and bathroom. The 1850 log cabin home now serves as the living room with the original logs on display, with a fresh coat of stain and chinking to match the adobe color. The team kept the rock walls, believed to be added to the home in 1904, to blend with other structures in the historic district.  The addition of a second bedroom and bathroom provides ample room for visitors.

Architect/Designer | Laughlin Homes & Restoration
Builder | Laughlin Homes & Restoration
Photographer | McKenzie Baird Photography

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