Inspiration on the Drawing Board: Kimpton

Facing Lake Michigan, this multi-level residence composed of overlapping rectilinear forms in naturally patinating materials levies a modern, yet earthy flavor to the sandy landscape. Flat roof lines harness the modern energy and anchor the style, as does a rusticated base of board form concrete in horizontal sheets, which supports the tiered masses. Corrugated steel siding in a kohl hue further texturizes the exterior, and it relieves the warm tone of copper panels.

Together, the materials are punctured by glass expanses that lead sight lines through form and material and onto the water. This trend is immediately recognized at the entry, which sports an oversized, offset pivot door pierced with transparent portions. Its distinct materiality leans on a relatively asymmetrical elevation, but an axis drawn from the foyer to the rear creates a clean symmetry, splitting the private primary suite and the main level gathering spaces. Entertainment unfolds outdoors at each tiered level of the home, beginning with a naturally heating, glass-front infinity pool on the lower level. The main level features concrete patios and an outdoor kitchen and dining area, while the final level hosts an outdoor fireplace and shuffleboard court with one-of-a-kind views of the water.

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