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SILVER | Flood Remodel for Whole House

Houston, Texas

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Photography by Brian Vogel Photography

Interior Designer | Designs Anew Houston LLC

Design Statement | The 1980s ranch-style home was flooded in a hurricane in 2017 and everything needed to be replaced. The owner is a 70-year old quadriplegic; during her rescue from the flood, her right shoulder was permanently injured and she now is unable to extend her reach.   

To redesign the kitchen and master bath to function for her reach and clearance needs, every movement she would make at each work zone and fixture was reenacted in her wheelchair. Approaching each area sideways so that her “good” right hand could be used required exhaustive measurements and reassessment at each step. The master bath lacked adequate space. Opening a doorway between the two baths, the hall bath became the roll-in shower area and the master bath had the toilet and vanity. The master bath needed more width for ease of wheelchair maneuvering, which then necessitated an addition to the bathroom and bedroom. This provided clearance to easily roll under the sink, back out, and turn around to continue to the toilet or shower room.

Judges’ Comments | The design offers incredible functionality and clean lines. 

SILVER | Kremer Bathroom and Bedroom Remodel

Del Mar, Calif.

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Photography by Pink Media Productions

Builder | Aging-In-Place Remodeling

Design Statement | The client, who uses a wheelchair, lives in a beautiful single-story home near the beach and has no interest in moving, but the  master shower and bathroom were small and very difficult to access. The builder removed walls to create more open space and widened doorways to give better access.

A roll-in shower offers many features for accessibility: no-threshold entry, fold-down shower seat, multiple grab bars, handheld showerhead within easy reach, niches for access to shower products, and more. The toilet was elevated for easier wheelchair transfer and a bidet was added to help facilitate personal hygiene. Cabinetry was designed specifically for the client’s needs. The vanity was sized and cherry cabinetry in the bedroom has an automated closet pole that can be electronically controlled for placement that makes it easy to reach. Custom bi-parting barn doors were installed that only require one hand to operate and glide effortlessly for comfortable, unobtrusive use.

Judges’ Comments | Judges praised the woodwork. The barn doors are a great choice.

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