2019 Home and Community Design Trends

Recent Best in American Living Award winners are at the forefront of outstanding home and community design and lead the way when it comes to “what’s trending?” in the home building industry. Twelve trends stood out this year, listed below.

How We Live

Creative integration of outdoor spaces

Even on the smallest and narrowest of lots, winners found inspired solutions to provide home owners with ample outdoor living.

Indoor/outdoor connections

A trend that’s getting stronger each year, most winners included easy physical and visual connections with their outdoor spaces.

Multigenerational living

Homes are increasingly featuring designated multigenerational suites or transition spaces that can be quickly transformed into additional bedrooms, providing for the increasing number of multigenerational households in some parts of the country.

Style and Aesthetics

Quiet but purposeful architecture

Forms and ratios are following best practices in a muted but memorable manner.

Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern and modern farmhouse (below) are incredibly popular across the country, both in new homes and renovations that bring out the home’s original character.

Modern farmhouse

Design Features

Ceiling as the fifth wall of design

When you’ve finished all four walls, why not look up? Architects and designers are taking advantage of this seemingly blank canvas and transforming it with creative textures, colors and lighting.

Stairs as a focal piece

Stairs are taking on a life of their own and featuring fine detailing, unique materials and one-of-a-kind design.

Black window frames at all price points

Now available at almost every price point, designers are gravitating to this purposeful frame choice.


Delineation of spaces through mixed materials

Whether pairing two unique materials, like stone and brick, or switching directions of one material, homes have better defined spaces—both outdoor and in—through mixed materials.

Texture on texture

Goodbye, smooth walls (or at least, in some cases). Interiors are featuring curated texture palettes, from stone to raw wood details to manmade textured wallpaper offerings.

Mixed metals

Silver, brass, gold and more, there’s no telling where you’ll find metals and how they’ll be paired in today’s new homes.

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