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2017 Award Winners


Interior Design

Specialty Room/Project, Custom


Bloomfield Artist's Studio & Garage


Sonoma County, California

Architect/Designer | Levy Design Partners

Builder | David Lawson, Ironwood Builders

Interior Designer | Toby Levy

Photographer | Bernard Andre (mainimagery), Shouyu Liu (incidental shot)

Located in rural, western Sonoma County, this garage and artist studio is an addition to a late 19th-century farmhouse. The buildings integrate a premanufactured Quonset hut roof raised on a concrete stem wall.  The two buildings, each 20 feet by 36 feet, have end walls with 10- by 12-foot openings, a glass garage door, and three folding patio doors.  This allows for flexibility of use and integration of the surrounding landscape of grapevines, tomato plants and apple trees. The roof walls are insulated, and the vaulted roof is covered with ash plywood and features exposed ribs and concrete on the interior.  Embedded in the concrete stem-wall exterior is a stone wall sculpture from Borobudur, Indonesia. To maintain the light throughout the structure, there are translucent plastic panels above the concrete.

From the Judges
Powerful; historical but done in a modern way; interesting and cool use of materials; powerful contrast with the Victorian house; clever and unexpected; reminiscent of a Quonset hut but highly elevated; very creative; unique and different; historic done in a modern way.

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