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2017 Award Winners


Interior Design

Master Suite, Custom


Beautiful Necessities

Room of the Year

Oro Valley, Arizona

Architect/Designer | Soloway Designs

Builder | Client Built

Interior Designer | Lori Carroll & Associates

Photographer | JM Photography

Scenic and panoramic views captivate, the moment one steps on to this beautiful property; while inside the home, luxurious amenities create an inviting, comfortable retreat. This sophisticated space is bathed in natural light, with the expansive master bathroom window overlooking the rugged desert landscape. Incorporating many of the materials that define modern design—glass, tile and wood—emphasizes a clean simplicity that is restful and soothing. Features like the suspended mirror—which serves as a room partition—joystick faucets, and the distinctive custom-built vanities achieve the innovative style the client envisioned.

From the Judges
Innovative; fun; different; funky; great composition; well done; thoughtful; layering of textures is lovely.

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