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2017 Award Winners



International Housing


Kaiyuan Block #9


Xiaoshan, Hangzhou

Architect/Designer | DAHLIN

Builder | Hangzhou Kaiyuan Tourism Development Ltd

Developer | Hangzhou Pioneering Construction Ltd

Land Planner | Peter Landscape Design Ltd

Landscape Architect/Designer | Hangzhou Ospitt

Interior Designer | Hangzhou East Building Decoration Design

Photographer | same as Architect

This community of duplex villas is uniquely located in a suburban area on a mountainside. The villas are built into the natural environment using a simplified, traditional Chinese architectural style. Design elements include hipped roofs with deep overhangs, faux-wood railings, warm colors, and large glass windows. The main design objective was to fully respect the original natural environment while facing the challenge of the 30-percent slope. The designers took advantage of terrain by creating different levels for the roadway and pedestrian areas, allowing space for people to walk without the interference of cars.

From the Judges
Nice blend of East and West; very unique site plan

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