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2017 Award Winners



Historic Preservation/Restoration




Albert, Texas

Architect/Designer | Laughlin Homes & Restoration, Inc. - Des

Builder | Laughlin Homes & Restoration, Inc.

Developer | None

Interior Designer | None

Photographer | Sarah Natsumi Moore

This 1882 stone house represents a classic example of pioneer architecture. A new staircase was relocated and constructed to access the open second floor, which had once slept the family’s 11 children. Care was taken in adding conditioned air and plumbing to the 125-year old home by concealing duct work and plumbing.  Arched openings where introduced into the original 18-inch thick, solid stone walls, opening up the renovated kitchen to the adjacent dining and family rooms. A new wood-burning fireplace was constructed in the family room and faced with stone. Timber and stone salvaged from a dilapidated barn were used to construct the new L-shaped porch that expands the family’s living space into the outdoors.  Antique pine flooring from an abounded church, was recycled and used to replace the original floors, which were beyond restoration. Pressed tin from the home’s Victorian era was removed, cleaned, and incorporated as risers in the staircase and in the kitchen backsplash.

From the Judges
Took it and improved on it while also keeping the historic character; sensitive; very grounded; wonderful for its environment; love what they did with the porch; iconic.

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