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2023 Award Winners



Addition, Indoor or Outdoor, Over $100,000


An Artist’s Vision Realized


Apex, North Carolina

Architect/Designer | Frazier Home Design, LLC

Builder | Rufty Homes

Interior Designer | Southern Studio

Photographer | Tad Davis Photography

After taking up painting in 2020, this home owner worked out of the garage as she honed her skillset. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a passion, and she decided a dedicated art studio would serve as a place to spark creativity and help fulfill her potential as an artist.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this art studio addition is the overall lighting in the space. The studio was built so that it faces north, allowing natural light to flood the space in the mornings. It also includes a south-facing window for plenty of afternoon light, as well as custom track lighting, set at a 35-degree angle to prevent glare and shadows on the canvas.

The studio was built with a stunning 22-foot vaulted ceiling to match the scale of the rest of the house. Painted black, the ceiling adds a bold contrast against the white walls of the space and further prevents glare.

The finishes in the art studio also perfectly match the finishes in the rest of the luxury home for a seamless design throughout both spaces. The artist plans to use the studio as a gallery, as the space is a work of art itself.

From the Judges
This is a nice space that feels very personal to the home owner. You can really see the impact of the addition inside the home. There was also a lot of thought given to scale and balance of the original home on the exterior to create a seamless look.

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