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2018 Award Winners



Design Detail


Ada Prairie


Ada, Mich.

Architect/Designer | 42 North - Architecture + Design

Builder | Halland Homes

Landscape Architect/Designer | Twin Lakes Nursery

Interior Designer | Christine DiMaria Design

Photographer | Ashley Avila Photography

The Ada Prairie home is a fabulous combination of form and function, paying careful attention to detail in architecture and design. With a nod toward Prairie style, the home features an entryway that makes a bold statement. Outside, the flush walkway meets with a custom, 5×7 walnut pivot door with glass surround. This show-stopping door is nestled amid chocolate brown Norman brick, and the horizontal siding is staggered to draw the eye that way as well. The horizontal pattern continues inside on the horizontal walnut walls, bringing warmth to the hallway spanning the length of the house.

The entire floorplan is flooded with natural light streaming in from massive windows and providing a panoramic view of the trees in the rear of the house. The kitchen boasts oak lower cabinets paired with glossy white upper cabinets for interesting contrast.

From the Judges
The entry is really well executed and finely crafted, and it truly highlights the home.

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