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2018 Award Winners



Community Facility


Ovation at Oak Tree Pavilion


Lacey, Wash.

Architect/Designer | Polygon Northwest

Builder | Polygon Northwest

Interior Designer | Possibilities for Design

Interior Merchandiser | Possibilities for Design

Photographer | William Wright

In the active adult world, the typical formula is to sell houses, close houses, and build a clubhouse. What’s special about Oak Tree Pavilion is the strategy of building two separate and distinct clubhouses, enabling the developer to deliver on a future promise sooner rather than later. At 4,600 sf (the combined size of the two buildings), The Pavilion is a classic A-frame massing nestled easily with the surrounding homes and landscape.

Interior spaces are purposely designed to allow the outside in. The architectural shape of the buildings is akin to a bird with its wings spread, which is exactly what the developer hopes residents will do—spread their wings and enjoy their surroundings.

Interior elements were selected to create organic, warm environments within soaring spaces. Wood planking on ceilings and walls, concrete floors, and an asymmetrical fireplace clad in black metal honor the Northwest’s preference for craftsmanship and contemporary styling.

Dramatic lighting is a direct homage to the Makers Movement, as concentric beechwood shavings are meticulously placed within a circular surround. The sleek kitchen’s suspended wood ceiling, waterfall island, large-format backsplash, and unadorned barstools capture the simplicity of beautiful design.

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