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2018 Award Winners



Judges' Discretionary Award for Community Spirit


Habitat for Humanity's Home Builders Blitz

Judges’ Discretionary

Multiple Locations

Architect/Designer | Multiple

Builder | Multiple

Photographers | Habitat for Humanity International |

Habitat for Humanity helps thousands of low-income families achieve strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership. With the help of volunteers, private donations, and governmental support, Habitat works locally to provide a path for families to purchase a decent, safe, and affordable home and achieve the independence they need to build a better life. Home Builders Blitz is the only Habitat program that directly engages the professional building community in this work.

A week-long, nationwide event enables local Habitat affiliates to partner with builders and suppliers in their communities to increase the number of families they assist by drastically reducing their house production costs. During the event, local professionals donate labor and materials to build, repair, or rehab homes alongside the home owner families. Planning collaboration allows builders to see how Habitat incorporates sustainability and universal design concepts into affordable homes, while builders share techniques for incorporating aesthetic design into affordable homes with Habitat.

These valuable contributions help local Habitats strengthen their capacity, allowing them to work with even more families without overextending their current structure. The program helps local Habitats to increase home production without significantly increasing their overhead, and contributes 5 percent of Habitat’s home construction output nationwide each year.

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