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2018 Award Winners



Addition, Indoor or Outdoor, Over $100,000


Contemporary Cabana


Dallas, Texas

Architect/Designer | Bernbaum/Magadini Architects

Builder | Kasper Custom Remodeling

Landscape Architect/Designer | Glenn Bonick

Interior Designer | Doug Horton

Photographer | Michael Hunter

This cabana was built in place of an existing pool house. The new building was created with the goal of meeting the husband’s needs as a training triathlete and the wife’s desires to create a space that was ideal for indoor and outdoor entertaining. The new cabana was fit with a catering kitchen and spacious living room that connects to the backyard via a massive set of sliding doors (for her) and a steam shower and Olympic-length infinity pool complete with an underwater sound system (for him). Because zoning restrictions don’t allow for secondary structures that could be considered a second “home,” the team had to take steps to ensure all the desired features could be integrated without violating building code.

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