What’s Hot: 8 trends for 2018

What do your buyers want? Stay ahead of your competitors with these eight ideas for 2018!

1. Greater use of metal and wood on exteriors

Step away from the siding – if only to add detailing or entire facades in metal and wood!

2. Blurred lines between residential and commercial applications

Materials and details that were once only for commercial projects are now making their way into the single- and multifamily realms.

Inside Out | Photo by Mark Doyle

3. Clean and simple lines and detailing

Keep designs crisp and clean by simplifying your details. And simple doesn’t mean boring; just take a look at these great projects for inspiring designs that pack a punch without overly designing.

4. Indoor-outdoor living is a must

Regardless of climate, homeowners want ways to bring the outdoors in or have the opportunity to enjoy a meal outside. Look for ways to visually and physically connect your indoor and outdoor living.

5. Open but defined floor plans

By adding definition, homebuyers can have a better sense of how they’ll live in and decorate a home. Definition can be achieved through varying ceiling or flooring treatments, lighting, ceiling heights, columns, and more.


6. Restoration and repurposing

Adaptive reuse is all the rave, especially in multifamily communities. Create homes that are unique and unexpected by repurposing structures that were not originally intended as housing.

7. Right-sized kitchens

Say goodbye to double islands – right-sized kitchens are more intimate but still offer all the space a chef needs.

8. Black countertops and appliances

Perhaps taking a page out of the vehicle-design playbook, kitchens are featuring striking black countertops and appliances.

Travis Heights Modern | Photo by Whit Preston


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