Cordova Bathroom Remodel

What is a designer to do when their own preferences are at odds with the clients taste?

After purchasing a Mid-Century Modern home, the client admitted she hated Mid-Century Modern and wanted a complete demolition of the interior and remodel for herself, husband and three boys. The client was partial to the typical Florida version of Spanish Mediterranean design. The designer on other hand have a more modern aesthetic focusing on clean lines and lighter colors.

The challenge: To come up with a style other than Mid-Century Modern and at all costs, the Spanish Mediterranean interior the client had requested. The new concept could not conflict with the original architecture of the iconic custom home built in 1968. There was also the 6 month deadline.

The Solution: Combine the designer’s style of modern design with the client’s desire for darker tones and multiple textures. A pallet was created using steel, stone, reclaimed wood, and glass. The result is a perfect flavor with a Mid-Century Modern coating and a delicious modern/organic interior filling.

The location of the master bath was moved to the exterior wall of the old master bedroom. The windows in the corner of the room is now the
steam shower.

This photo shows the barn doors leading to the master bath.

Installing a light cross cut marble floor to ceiling added texture while keeping the color pallet lighter.

The off white concrete countertops help convey the lighter pallet while the oil rubbed bronze wall sconce fixtures, wall faucets and hardware add a pop of color.


Photographer | Barry Lively

Architect/Designer | Design Works, LLC
Remodeler | Design Works, LLC
Interior Designer | Design Works, LLC


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