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Five Simple Solutions to Properly Light a Home

Don’t let a home fall flat due to lack of light. When thoughtfully designed, lighting can truly set the mood. So, we’ve developed some insights (pun intended) on how to accomplish spectacular and practical lighting that caters to buyers’ needs.

Layer Task, Ambient and Accent Lighting

Multiple layers of light sources, such as can lights combined with lamps and task lighting (Lots of task lighting!), establishes a room’s atmosphere as well as provides the home buyer with the ability to see more clearly. Buyers want a space to be fully functioning and comfortable, even when the sun sets or on a gloomy day.

Pre-planning is Powerful

Think ahead how the buyer might use each space and make the lighting as easy to use as possible. For example, in the middle of the night when the restroom is calling (and we know it will), the simple, but thoughtful, detail of moving the bathroom light switch to the outside of the bathroom rather than the inside allows the buyer to see what lies ahead. Or possibly determine areas of higher traffic and utilize automatic controls that are motion sensored, guaranteeing that the light will always be on when needed.

Use Natural Light as an Advantage

If daylight is there, might as well use it! Whenever possible, natural light should be introduced in the space from multiple sources (skylights, windows, etc.) Daylight will not only immerse the space with necessary light, but will add brilliance and provide significant health and emotional benefits.

Maintain Consistency With Temperature

When using a variety of light sources, it’s important to keep light temperatures and brightness in mind. Bright lights (especially overhead) can make a home owner feel like they are on the big stage. Think about using softer white bulbs and potentially adding in dimmers. Super bright isn’t always best!

Light Fixtures as Features

Don’t skimp on style when it comes to lighting. With the variety of options available today, treat light fixture selections as if they were added art. Glass pendants above the kitchen island or a striking chandelier in the dining room will really pack a punch in a home’s design.

So let the light shine! And be sure to check out the thoughtfully designed lighting in the photos below.

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Originally posted by Lita Dirks & Co. Interior Design

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