Spotlight on Community: Modera Mosaic

Project Team

Architect/Designer | SK+I Architecture
Builder | Millcreek Residential Trust
Interior Designer | Carlyn & Co.
Developer | Mill Creek Residential Trust

How do you transform a sleepy crossroads into a vibrant destination neighborhood?

As the residential anchor of an expansive redevelopment, Modera Mosaic brought a modern aesthetic and distinctive amenity package that drew residents to this new walkable urban village. The design direction was initially set with the building facade – sleek and modern with expanses of glass- and the interior followed that direction with spaces that have a decidedly gallery-like feel. “Modern organic” was the guiding phrase for the design team, building on an earthy palate of greens and blues set against sleek high-gloss white walls, color-morphing glowing walls, and an elegant variety of warm wood textures. The stunning lighting creates a gallery effect complete with a video art installation, and custom lighting pieces that double as sculpture.

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The public spaces are flooded with art, the vast majority of which are custom pieces that have been locally sourced. The importance of the street facade was not overlooked with custom lighting elements that appear to be rods piercing the floor plate from the ground level up thru the second floor – very dramatic. Residents are part of a community, complete with unique, local restaurants, an Angelika Theater, innovative retail and commercial spaces that has become a new destination in Northern Virginia. Leasing is brink, and rental rates are exceeding expectations. Clearly a winner on all levels which is why it won the Gold Best in American Living Award for Multifamily Development 6 Stories & Over, Built for Sale.

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