Baltimore’s Iconic Silo Point

When originally constructed in 1923, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad grain elevator was the world’s largest and fastest. Located along the Baltimore city’s southernmost peninsula, the 24-story, 300 foot building was strategically located for the movement of grain and other agricultural products to be shipped around the world. Turner Development transformed the towering industrial landmark, incorporating the original grain tower and thirteen silos into the final design of the project. In its design, Silo Point exists as both a reminder of the economy and culture that first transformed Baltimore into a major city, and a foreshadowing of the city’s emerging 21st century economy, culture, and population.


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The crowning achievement of the project is the newly finished penthouse model. Glass, concrete and steel are the soul of this two-story, three-bedroom, three and a half bath luxury penthouse in Baltimore’s now iconic Silo Point building. After almost a year of planning, design, and construction, Bin 2312 is finally complete and ready for the world to see. The 5,000 square foot home features an open, subtly shifting floor plan with floor to ceiling windows that have an unobstructed 360-degree view of Baltimore’s waterfront, allowing you to watch both the sunrise and sunset from the same spot in your living room. Fully integrated smart home technology is gracefully mixed into the industrial textures and graceful silhouettes of the premier home. Silo Point is the only successful luxury condominium grain elevator conversion in the world. The Penthouse stands atop as the jewel in this incredible project that took 15 acres of abandon industrial land, and completely transformed it into an international model of infill mixed-use development.


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