Reclaimed Modern

Project Team

Architect/Designer: Julian Weber Architects
Builder, Interior Designer, Developer and Land Planner: Dwell Development

Every home built by Dwell Development is designed with the goal of net-zero energy use in mind. This Reclaimed Modern home embodies that mindset through the use of repurposed building materials and energy-efficient technology. With materials cultivated from its surroundings, this home lives true to the firm’s principle belief of conservation. The pathway leading up to the 3,140 square foot, three-story home is made out of repurposed concrete from the public sidewalk removed during construction. The home’s exterior was built using salvaged wood and corrugated metal from a deconstructed barn in the Willamette Valley. The barn wood is incorporated into the roof soffit hovering above the deck, while the metal is used for the siding and fencing.

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The exterior of the home is coated with Enviro-Dri, an applied weather-resistive barrier, as opposed to traditional house paper, that seals the exterior of the building against moisture intrusion, protecting the home from the harsh Pacific Northwest climate. The pervious concrete keeps rainwater onsite, recharging the groundwater and lessening the burden on the stormwater infrastructure. The Dwell Development team installed solar panels to facilitate net-zero living. The solar panels convert energy to usable electricity, offsetting the homeowners energy use and reducing their carbon footprint. The homes triple pane windows keep the heat inside while the Heat Recovery Ventilator provides constant fresh air.

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