Feeling Confident with Color

Celebrate Color in Tasteful Touches

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It’s no secret, color is a fun and powerful way to lift moods and produce a little life in a home’s interior. Best of all, it allows a homeowner’s personality and preferences to be expressed and sets the desired “tone” of a home. We’ve developed three dazzling design solutions that create confidence in color choices.

Pin Point the Personality

Before choosing color, determine what vibe you want the space to have. In restful rooms where serenity is desired, toning down the shade of color achieves a calming effect. While bold colors create pizzazz and playfulness. When using brighter, vibrant colors try to limit the competition by keeping other colors to a minimum and pairing with neutrals.

Remember… You’ll Have to Live With It

When picking items such as tile, remember that colors on these features are fairly permanent. Wild tile can be a great way to add drama and personality, but subtle may be smarter. At the same time, don’t be afraid to take risks, especially in items less expensive like pillows, paint and accessories. Color is the perfect place to let personality transpire!

Break the Rules

Stepping away from matching can make magic! Colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel can be juxtaposed to create a dramatic dynamic within a design. A lively, lemon yellow paired with a vivid, deep purple successfully adds a stunning surprise to a space.

Lose the fear of navigating new hues! These words of advice are sure to help guide color choices to confidence.

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