Detach from your Garage

The detached garage or rear entry garage is a growing trend in both urban and suburban development. Putting the garage in the back can do wonders for the streetscape, but what if you detach the garage from the home completely? That’s what is done in many of these new pocket neighborhoods. Residents still want the covered garage, but why does it have to be on your lot? A short walk to the garage is no different than on-street parking. And on-street parking is also an available option but you park on the street and then take the trail or sidewalk to your home along the courtyard.

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This is a great example of how to incorporate a garage into a historic setting. This is Naylor Court Stables in Washington D.C. and this area actually used to house the city stables. The developer used that theme to create carriage houses in the back that doubles as a garage and a small office or studio above the garage which is detached from the main single family detached unit. The owner can still have their garage but use it as an asset to create character. Think of it as more than just a place to store your car. You can even create accessory dwelling units or studios above!

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