Vegas Views Remodel

The goal was to turn a long, cave-like hallway into an interesting pathway leading to the bedrooms and other living areas. Machinery originally built to manufacturer ship hulls, made an unprecedented prospect of bending one piece of steel set in place to make a free standing staircase. Its open glass treads make it equally as spectacular from the front side as it is from the rear. The automotive pearl finish with 10 coats of clear paint makes everyone who sees it want to touch it and feel the high gloss finish. The staircase unloads you into a sitting area perfect for taking in this one of a kind art piece.

Molded wave walls are set apart with LED lighting that can change colors depending on your mood and the recessed shelves with floating glass allow the owners to display their collectibles. The interior design is what “Modern Art” is all about. The staircase and hallway artistically tie the whole house together.

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