Put Your Kitchen Skills to Use: Submit Recipes for ‘Building an Appetite’

There’s no better time to use your kitchen skills or appliances!
First Vice Chairman Granger MacDonald and his wife Kathy are creating a collection of NAHB cookbooks to celebrate the life of their son, Doug Wistner — and they’re asking for your help.
Doug had a passion for cooking for his family, friends and the girls he dated. He saw cooking as a way to draw communities together. Doug passed away unexpectedly in January 2015 after a long battle with depression. But through these NAHB cookbooks, Granger and Kathy hope to keep his memory alive and unite the NAHB community.

Doug cooking at home.

Their idea is to compile recipes submitted by NAHB members, their families and staff. The collection will be called “Building an Appetite,” a name Doug had created for another culinary project.
The first of these cookbooks will be available for purchase at the 2017 IBS. All proceeds will go to support an educational scholarship in the area of government affairs.
Submit a recipe here. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 23.

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