Hall of Fame: Victor Mirontschuk

A 2015 Best in American Living Hall of Fame inductee, Victor Mirontschuk is the president and founder of EDI International, a global architectural, interior design and planning firm established in 1976. The firm has grown to three offices located in New York, Texas and California.

Victor Mirontschuk

Victor Mirontschuk, a 2015 Best in American Living Hall of Fame inductee.

Mirontschuk leads the design of multifamily, single-family, and commercial developments at EDI and is a highly respected leader in the architectural and design industries for his pioneering vision. He seeks to create a sense of community in his designs, combining planning and architecture to design environments that promote social interaction.

Among Mirontschuk’s other interests, he is an accomplished photographer responsible for a large amount of the photography utilized by his company over the last four decades. Aside from photographing EDI International’s projects, his images can also be seen in countless trade magazines, websites, and professional venues – among those being National Geographic and USA Today online publications. Click here to view his photography.

Victor Mirontschuk has recently been inducted into the prestigious college of fellows, one of just 149 AIA (American Institute of Architects) members, for his significant contributions to the profession. View some of his work below:

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Congratulations, Victor, on your accomplishments!

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