Hall of Fame Inductee Donald Evans

Donald Evans has built an impressive reputation over the past forty-one years with The Evans Group, a Florida-based architecture and planning firm. Evans founded the firm in 1975 and currently serves as President.

Since earning a degree in architecture from the University of Miami in 1969, Evans’ strong vision coupled with a focus on Floridian architecture allowed him to develop a booming enterprise, not only in a state where there was once few architects, but in twenty states across the country. The Evans Group covers all aspect of residential design—from land planning to hardscape design, from architecture to interior architectural detailing and from interior design to landscape design.

Aside from being an accomplished member of organizations such as AIA (American Institute of Architects) and ULI (Urban Land Institute), Evans was also awarded the Professional Achievement Award for Architecture from Professional Builder Magazine in 1988 for his cutting-edge leadership in the housing industry.

The Evans Group has accumulated in its professional repertoire over seven hundred fifty national and regional awards, leaving behind a powerful legacy for years to come in residential architecture.

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For more information about Don Evans and The Evans Group, head to www.theevansgroup.com.

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