Hall of Fame Inductee Color Design Art Inc.

Color Design Art Inc. – the premier model home merchandising firm – is a California based design company who came onto the scene with its very first commission in 1970 – going on to win awards and make headlines for its groundbreaking perspective within the industry. CDA has become an influencer for many of the top industry leaders and professionals within the design community to this day.

The president of Color Design Art Inc. Beverly Trupp guides CDA towards innovation and continued success. Among her other accomplishments, Trupp wrote and published “COLOR IT HOME: A Builders Guide to Interior Design and Merchandising” in 1981, which quickly became the “how-to” book for a generation. With a style described best as “lived in,” and an eye for design, Trupp shares her knowledge of the industry and helps to further education among both the CDA and greater design communities.

Color Design Art Inc. continues to leave behind a legacy of innovation within the design community – a dynamic and critical piece of home building.

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