A Plum Beautiful Home

The Plum Island Residence of Plum Island, Mass., is our Home of the Week!

This modest residence is located on a small lot directly on the ocean. The form of the house reflects its views, being very open on the east and west but primarily opaque on the north and south due to the privacy needs from abutting residences.

PlumIslandResidence_CBT_01_20150918115209_37963watermarkedweb_20151215124558A small lookout tower atop the house provides 360-degree views of the island and acts as a natural ventilator for the home, pulling up and exhausting warm air from the spaces below. The house is built several feet above grade on pylons to allow windblown sand to move freely over the land and under the house, creating shielding dunes.

plum3Read more, and see more photos in the Gallery.

Project Team
Architect: CBT Architects
Builder: Murphy Construction

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