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“Glamping,” or, glamorous camping, is a trend that is increasing in popularity worldwide. This new pastime incorporates elements of traditional camping, like traveling to new environments, while providing some of the luxuries and amenities not typically found in the great outdoors.

While glamping has been known to incorporate many structures – tents, huts, treehouses, lodges, and more – one popular option is the coach cottage, or coach home. These buildings appeal to motor coach travelers looking to stop and enjoy an area for a period of time.

Take for example the 2015 American Residential Design Award-winning (ARDA) coach home designed by Mountainworks in Cashiers, NC. This home includes an outdoor space to enjoy nice weather and beautiful scenery that can also be partially enclosed for rainier days. Additional features of this home include a pocket door system with an automated screen, a masonry fireplace, and native stonework.

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Travis Mileti, president of Mountainworks, explains that due to the tight space in motor coaches, these coach homes allow travelers to stretch out and enjoy the outdoors while providing additional space to entertain guests. Some glampers have two, three, even four homes scattered throughout the U.S., allowing them to travel from one to another throughout the year.


Mileti calls this an evolution from the time when motor homes would travel from camp ground to camp ground. He says these spaces are appealing because they require minimal upkeep, have an upscale feel, and allow travelers to bring the outdoors in.

The Mountainworks coach home is located in the Lake Toxaway area, which offers spectacular natural views made visible by the cottage’s outdoor space. However, coach cottages are versatile and different construction elements can be emphasized depending on the attractions offered by a particular location.

The same is true of glamping structures in general. For example, glamping homes near the ocean often incorporate hammocks or patio space so guests can enjoy the beach breeze. Treehouses are also a popular form of glamping because they provide a comfortable space while providing a unique view of the surrounding forest.

The key to glamping is incorporating luxurious elements without losing sight of the natural surroundings and their importance in the overall experience. As this trend continues to grow, builders and designers will be given increased opportunities to use their creativity to give campers unique and memorable experiences with their environment.

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