Three’s a Charm

willowsfordWhen people visit Willowsford, they know immediately that it’s different from other suburban new-home communities.

They can’t quite put their finger on it at first, but as they get to know the place, they start to understand. From its award-winning home designs to its amenities and open spaces, every element of Willowsford was inspired by the natural environment, community connections, human interactions, and the joy of living well.

Willowsford is a 4,000-acre community in Loudoun County, Va., tucked between the edges  of the suburban and rural areas, about 25 miles west of Washington, DC. It is predominantly zoned for single-family detached homes and agricultural use. The developer, Corbelis, was faced with multiple challenges. It had to create a unified vision for four non-contiguous parcels, meet a requirement to preserve half the land as open space, and draw potential homebuyers farther west than they’d ever been willing to go.

Read more here about Willowsford’s challenges and successes, including winning three straight Community of the Year awards.

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