“She Sheds” vs. Man Caves



We are all familiar with the term “man cave,” used to describe a room or area of a home where men can escape to enjoy some of their favorite pastimes.

Now, the newest trend popping up everywhere is the “she shed,” backyard spaces where women are creating their own relaxing getaways. So how do she sheds compare to the traditional man cave? Take a look:



Man Caves: Recliner
She Sheds: Day Bed and Throw Pillows

Nothing says man cave like a guy propped in a recliner with the remote in his hand, but she sheds are bringing back another favorite furniture piece for relaxing: the day bed. Perfect for sitting and reading or that late afternoon nap, a day bed provides a versatile option. Throw pillows provide a pretty and decorative touch, not to mention another layer of comfort and cushioning for that nap.

Man Caves: Bar/Fridge
She Sheds: Outdoor seating

craft shack 3


When you’re enjoying a momentary getaway, a snack might be in order. A mini fridge and bar seem to be a man cave staple, but most she sheds opt for a small table and chairs that are perfect for two and often outside. This creates a great place to catch up with friends and enjoy the nice weather.

Man Caves: Big Screen TV
She Sheds: Reading Nook

Men love massive televisions, perfect for watching a game or movie. She sheds opt for a more peaceful setting, incorporating comfy spaces, sometimes in the form of a window nook.  Here you can sit and read, listen to music, or enjoy nature.

Man Caves: Pool table, Darts, and other games
She Sheds: Crafting/Pottery/Gardening supplies

Man caves provide an opportunity for men to engage in some of their favorite activities and she sheds are no different. Many of the sheds we’ve seen incorporate the individual’s favorite hobbies and can serve as a studio or work space. Some of the most popular themes are crafting, art, pottery, and gardening.

craft shack 4


Man Caves: Sports Memorabilia
She Sheds: Chandeliers, Flowers, Quirky Art

A man cave provides a space to hang up all those posters, trophies, and autographed baseballs you’ve collected throughout the years – mainly because they would be out of place anywhere else in the house. A she shed is much the same. As a separate space, it can be decorated in any way you choose, without worrying about it interrupting the “flow” of your home.

This means you can get creative – paint the walls funky colors or hang up that artwork you loved from a craft show but couldn’t think of anywhere to put it. After all, this is meant to be a personal getaway, meaning there is freedom to get creative and design your perfect space!

(PS, thanks to daisymaebelle.com and kscraftshack.com for the photos!)


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