Local Impact of Home Building

Proofs and TruthsFacing “NIMBYs” becomes much easier when you have economic data on your side.

In 2015 NAHB produced its 800th customized local impact home building study. Like the previous ones, the 800th examined the income, jobs and taxes generated by home building activity in a particular metro area, non-metropolitan county or state.

Since 1996, the studies have been used to help get individual projects approved, counter anti-growth proposals, and generate publicity for the local home building industry.

Some of the new, key findings in a typical local report (100 single family homes, 100 rental apartments, and $1 million of residential remodeling in a typical local area) includes:

  • $27 million in local income
  • $3.6 million in taxes and other revenue for local governments, and
  • 394 local jobs

For more information on the reports and how you can get one, read on here…



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