6 Storage Tips: Holiday Decor

Nothing spreads holiday cheer faster than holiday decorations, but storing all that tinsel can be enough to bring out the Scrooge in anyone. Amanda LeBlanc, organizing guru and spokesperson for Organized Living, shares easy tips on organizing and storing holiday decorations.

Photo courtesy of Coolmompicks.com

Photo courtesy of Coolmompicks.com

Evaluate what you have
As you’re packing things away, it’s the perfect time to take an inventory of what to keep and what to donate.

Love Your Linens
Drape linens over hangers and store them in garment bags to keep them clean and wrinkle-free until next season. Hang them on clothes racks in the basement or guest closet so they’re easy to grab for next year.

Let There be Light
Whether your holiday lights can be seen by the entire neighborhood, or you only decorate one tree, it’s important to store your lights properly.

“If you throw your lights into a ball in the basement, you’ll have to deal with the headache of de-tangling each strand next year,” said LeBlanc. “Keeping your strands organized will save you time.”

The Light Storage Boxes are available at local retailers that look like hanging file boxes, but for lights. Or, simply cut a piece of cardboard in to a 1’ by 18” size and wrap each strand around an individual divider. Then, store inside an oversized plastic storage box.


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Trimming Your Tree
“Like most parents, I hang the big, round ornaments my children make at school each year on my tree with pride,” said LeBlanc.

Protect your children’s creations and delicate ornaments with an Ornament Storage Box. There are dozens of styles based on the amount of ornaments you’re storing and the space you have to store them in.

Faux Fir
Save time by eliminating the need to tear down and re-build the artificial tree each year. The Tree Keeper acts as a tree skirt during the holidays. But come January, it allows you to zip up your fully-assembled tree and replace holiday hassle with holiday ease. Decorated wreaths can be stored in the Wreath Keeper, which protects greenery and garland until next year.

Photo courtesy of OrganizedLiving.com

Photo courtesy of OrganizedLiving.com

It’s a Wrap
Store and organize gift wrap until next year in an Over the Door solutions. Simply attach a kit over any door to maximize space in every the smallest areas.

Get your decorations in order, and holiday cleanup and storage will be a breeze. For more tips from LeBlanc on organizing your home, visit OrganizedLiving.com.

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