“I Deserve It!” Top 5 Design Attributes for Today’s Homes

deserve1As the housing market rebounds, buyers are looking for elements that make them feel special and pampered. While remaining cautiously conservative, buyers are looking for the merger of price point and “design difference makers” that provide something new and different. These “I Deserve It” features often become items that buyers use to identify and differentiate builder clients.

The idea of “I Deserve It” features was identified in 1991 when trends expert Faith Popcorn, who observed that consumers want more than strict utility; they want to be pampered and nourished by the purchase. Where else to apply this notion than the home? “I Deserve It” features are an indulgence, an emotional reward that goes beyond standard amenities and accessories.

deserve2For example, master baths should be “I Deserve It” features, with artful fixtures, spa-type finishes and glass-wrapped showers. Also, spaces that can change from project spaces to home offices to kids gaming rooms make a difference to buyers. “I Deserve It” features put the “wow” into a home and set the standard for the buyer as they compare the competition. Read on to learn about the five value-based design attributes for today’s market:

  1. Enduring Design: Allows owners to remain in the home for a long time.
  2. Enhanced Specifications: Higher-quality materials; sustainability-based construction.
  3. Lifestyle-Focused Spaces: Designs that integrate the rooms, spaces and features of today’s lifestyles and market segments.
  4. Flex Spaces: Spaces that can support  wide range of uses.
  5. Special Feeling Places: Opportunities for escape and rejuvenation.

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