Arcadia’s Edge

Arcadia's Edge - 3Quick Stats

Stories: 3

Square footage: 756 to 1,454 square feet per unit

Units: 226

Green certification: NGBS-Silver
Located in Columbia, South Carolina, Arcadia’s Green Edge is a 2014 Green Awards Honorable Mention for Multifamily: Four Stories or Less. Submitted by Steinberg Design Collaborative, LLP, the project boasts many green features, particularly at the site level where the project claimed over 200% of the required points for the NGBS certification. Some of these green site features are as follows:


  • Landscaping efforts, including terracing, retaining walls, and restabilization techniques, will minimize long-term erosion
  • Construction was scheduled to reduce soil exposure time, minimizing soil disturbance and erosion
  • Removed topsoil was reserved for later use during the landscape planting process
  • Utilities were installed using non-traditional methods to reduce soil disturbance and erosion
  • Plantings are grouped based on watering needs, a process known as hydrozoning
  • Natural vegetation that was removed during construction is set to be replaced and enhanced
  • Local and regionally appropriate plantings and trees are incorporated into the landscaping
  • 14-21 dwelling units per acre.
  • Existing wetlands were preserved

Find out how your green project can win Best in Green in the 2015 NAHB Green Awards here:

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